About Us

Internal Information

Environmental introduction

The construction of the complex reflects the desire of harmony and co-existence with the local environment with its design and energy efficient construction. The entire site is fully equipped with a high efficiency, energy saving lighting system, a heat extraction and recycling system that ensures a constant supply of hot water, an ecologically sound waste extraction and processing system and chilled and filtered drinking water system.

Recreational facilities

A complete range of leisure facilities are provided within the complex and are freely available for the enjoyment and pleasure of all members of staff. A choice of sporting and exercise facilities including table tennis, basketball, badminton, and fitness rooms, are complemented with library, music and educational facilities.

Welfare overview

1. Free accommodation is provided; subsidized and free refreshments and meals are available to employees
2. New Year, our major annual celebration and other national festivals see the provision of special meal vouchers and gifts for staff.
3. Annual birthday party and gifts are provided for all staff.
4. Employees with 2 or more year’s service are provided with annual free return transport to their home town.
5. Employees with 1 or more year’s service are entitled to special leave and compassionate leave such as maternity.
6. Additionally, staff with 1 or more year’s service are entitled to:
a.???? Medical care? ?
b.???? Social security benefits
c.???? Organized company holiday
d.???? Annual celebratory festival and lottery draw
e.???? Training and career development counseling

Human Resources

The factory has a rich base of knowledge and talent including 25 BAs in industrial and commercial administration, 36 university graduate, 45 college graduates, 60 electronic specialists of various disciplines, and over 180 senior high school graduates to compliment the our management and technology operations


New and transferred staff members receive intensive training and induction in order to familiarize them with operational requirements of the tasks in hand.

External training agencies run approved internal training courses on a quarterly basis to ensure all members are regularly trained and updated to the latest standards relevant to specific areas of operation.

Industry consultants visit and run the necessary in depth courses as relevant to ensure all members are fully conversant with the exacting requirements of the latest standards of technology and legislation.

Career Opportunities

Electronic Engineer

Male 23 – 35 years, college level in electronic specialty. ADSL conversant and minimum 1 year experience within field.

Assistant Head of QC

Male 25 – 35 years, college level or higher. Fully conversant with quality management systems, ISO9001; 2000 and TL9000. Familiar with requirements of RoHS and quality management of product delivery systems. At least 2 years experience.

Tungli, join us and let’s create a brilliant future together.