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The Principle and Enterprise and Culture

The principle and enterprise and culture

Our Basic Principle :
Time, products, staff and customers, all eventually change, but, our basic principles do not.

The basic principles are known by everyone within the Tungli organization, ever since the company was founded and indicates to our customers, suppliers and competitors alike what it means to be member of the Tungli Group.

Constant consistency without compromise keeps us faithful to our principals, demonstrates our strong will and honest attitude. We afford unswerving respect to everyone in our everyday activities and hope they treat us in a similar manner.

Our Management Principle :
Service, speed, standardization and superiority. The customer is the reason we are here to serve.

Environment protection, Safety and Health:
All staff have a responsibility to observe the health and safety of themselves and fellow workers alike and to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment. The have the responsibility to report accidents, injury, unsafe equipment and working practices immediately. Tungli promises to act immediately and keep the working environment safe at all times.

We all jointly have a duty of care to guarantee our security and a safety and demonstrate these basic principals.

We believe that adhering to these principals will help to ensure the reputation of Tungli, its technology, quality products and service.